Croatia Travel Guide Visit Zagreb And Makarska

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Croatia is a beautiful European county and one of the most attractive tourist destinations in the whole Europe. Although having faced so many years of war Croatia always been the nucleus to tourism, attracting millions of tourists from all over the world. Through the efforts of government and business investment Croatia Tourism is transforms into a well-developed industry. Having the country’s extensive coastline and well-preserved Renaissance towns and shadows of war are way behind it’s the best time for people to travel to Croatia.

People travel to Croatia to view the stunning beauty with which nature has blessed him. Tourism in Croatia is now a flourishing business. Many investors have invested in Croatia Tourism and overall tourism standards improve implacability in the last few years.

All the post-war measures were taken 10 years ago whether, in construction, foreign investment, and Croatia Tourism investment are now paying off as the foreign tourism share is rapidly increasing year by year now.

When we talk about tourism in Croatia, suggest someone to Croatia travel, There is one hot destination Croatia capital city Zagreb. Zagreb is a historic place and an amazing place to visit. This city with its historic tradition, cultural importance and urban planning a must-visit on Croatia travel guide. It’s a more of a central European city surrounded by Vienna, Budapest, and Venice. It takes only a three-hour drive from the Adriatic Sea to reach Zagreb.

Next on my list on travel to Croatia is Makarska town. It is one of the most attractive places on the Croatian coast. It’s is the main attraction in Dalmatia. This place is known for entertainment, sports, culture and is a business place of Makarska Riviera. Makarska is a place with exceptional beauty and charm in it. It is located on an arch of horseshoe bay outskirt harbored by pine groves, Osejava and St. Peter. There is an impressive range of Biokovo mountains present at the back of Makarska town.

The Makarska town, it’s bay and beaches all carry a range of shops, restaurants, hotels, terraces known for live music, fun, and guaranteed enjoyment. People spent some nice and easy time with full relaxation on these beaches. It’s is one of the most well preserved, clean place known for its churches, architectural monuments and cultural sights with Museum of Shells, Church Of St.Marko must be on your list in Makarska town when you plan to travel to Croatia.

Makarska is also known for there parks. There are amazingly attractive forest parks on the peninsulas Osejava and St. Peter.whenever you visit to travel to Croatia (Makarska) don’t forget to visit their parks. As a family with children and others you surely will enjoy this and you can also see a beautiful view of the city, sea, islands backed by mountain Biokovo.

Croatia Travel magazines especially highlight Makarska town as one of the must-visit places in Croatia.

There are lots of other places to visit and destinations to talk about in terms of travel to Croatia and Croatia Tourism is expanding day by day because it’s peacetime what else we need.