Men’s Fashion Trends That Will Be Everywhere This Fall – let me set the scene: You’re in Zara, you need to find a killer outfit and you have limited time to shop. You walk in feeling hopeful, but then things take an unfortunate turn. The lighting in the dressing room is bad, your options get progressively worse as you try them on and let’s be honest, you’re stress-sweating all over them anyway. This is a very common shopping scenario for me and I used to often leave feeling defeated—until I discovered the ultimate styling trick. Inspiration is usually just an escalator ride away up to the men’s section, where trends look fresh Demo Slot and the blazers are perfectly oversized. With my newfound love for shopping menswear in mind, I’ve taken the liberty of rounding up the top 2022 men’s fashion trends that virtually anyone can wear.

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It’s 2022, so the idea of gendering tops and bottoms is definitely behind us. RTP Fashion trends in general can be worn by whoever loves what. Women’s trends tend to focus on specific pieces like opera gloves, feather trim or corset tops, and the specificity behind these trends gives them clear parameters if you want to replicate the vibe—but often leaves little room for personal styling preferences.

On the other hand, menswear trends usually follow broader themes, and are therefore widely accessible with room for personal interpretation. For example, there are so many ways to incorporate the sleek ties that Prada highlighted on the Spring/Summer 2023 runway. The same can be said about the busy plaid patterns favored by Prada, or the head-to-toe denim at Amiri and Fendi.

These menswear trends are going to be everywhere online game this fall and are sure to revamp your wardrobe for the rest of the season. Read on for the top five looks you’ll want to plan all your future outfits around.

Men’s Fashion Trends That Will Be Everywhere This Fall

Denim Doubledown 

Men’s and women’s fashion trends often coincide which is why I’m not surprised to see an influx of full-denim outfits dominating men’s style right now. Designers like Fendi, Amiri and Bianca Sanders sent Canadian tuxedo after Canadian tuxedo down the Spring/Summer 2023 runways last month and the look goes beyond just your typical pair of jeans and denim jacket.

Denim bucket hats, frayed hems, oversized shirts and baggy jeans are all clear winners in the denim game. If wearing a full-denim look feels intimidating (though I promise you’ll look great), start by incorporating one piece of untraditional denim into your overall look and layering as the temperatures drop from there.

The Classic Tie

Now ties have never necessarily gone out of style, but it’s certainly been a minute since they’ve been an intentional style choice. For approximately the past five years, the “cool” look at weddings pragmatik and formal events was to wear a suit sans tie (much to my parent’s chagrin). But like all classic pieces, the tie has managed to loop around and make a comeback.

Adding a tie to your look doesn’t need to be reserved for the office and special events. Designers like Dries Van Norten and John Elliot proved that a tie will tie together a more casual outfit like jeans and a leather jacket—so you can participate in the trend, even if you’re still working from home.