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30-40 years ago, tattoos were the providence of criminals and thugs. The only “respectable” types to get inked were soldiers.

These days, tattoos are much more mainstream-popular with everyone from students to businessmen. Some of the more popular types are Sanskrit tattoo designs.

Sanskrit Tattoo Designs

It is more and more common now to see a Sanskrit design on the lower back or arm of the spiritual, lovers of art, or even those who collect memories by scrapbooking.

The Mother Tongue

Sanskrit is believed by most to be the origin of language. Having a Sanskrit design, in a sense, transcends time and connects you with the ancient ways and mysterious places. Another interesting fact is that Sanskrit is a very precise language, and is not subject to the ambiguities of English.

This means that Sanskrit is a good “in memory” tattoo design.

Let Your Skin Whisper of Ancient Things

In memory tattoo designs are normally symbols or meaningful phrases. Generally, they mean something special, and show adoration of a loved one or serve as a reminder of a special time.
To make your memory tattoo design stands out, Sanskrit tattoo designs can be used instead of typical English letters.

Find the characters that translate into your lover’s name or a symbol that represents a beloved ideal. Bring the translation to a tattoo artist, and have a permanent reminder.

Sanskrit tattoo designs aren’t just for lovers. If you have a spiritual message or concept that is part of you, Sanskrit tattoo designs are a perfect way to communicate your message of praise and gratitude. Sanskrit is (and was) believed to be a spiritual language. A divine message in a divine language. Modern tattoos show off vibrant colors and complex depictions of famous icons and neo or tribal art. There are also newer alphabets that can be observed in pop culture. The Japanese Kanji alphabet is also used in popular tattoo designs. However, people find them to be so common.

Tattoos are a very popular form of expression. People who like tattoos love to express their individuality and therefore like to have original designs. For some people, they express individuality and freedom through their body art. For others, it demonstrates their spirituality.

Sanskrit tattoo designs, in comparison to other spiritual tattoo designs, can be quite intricate. They are also favored among tribal design lovers because of their exotic presentation.

It’s pretty easy to find Sanskrit tattoo designs online. There are some good websites that have sample images of tattoos. It is actually not that many. The most common Sanskrit images and symbols are the Om symbol, the lotus flower, the Trishula or trident and the lotus flower with Om symbol. These can be personalized with unique colors or arrangements Some websites will even translate your favorite quotes into Sanskrit scripts to be tattooed as a wristband or armband. Any quote can be translated into Sanskrit. Sanskrit is the ancient language of India and is sometimes regarded as the mother of all languages.
The lotus flower is a very important symbol for Buddhists and Hindus alike. It signifies the purity of the heart, mind, and soul. In some faiths, the flower represents fertility and wealth.

For Hindus, the lotus flower is said to be the birthplace of Brahma. It was a lotus blossom that sprung forth from the navel of Vishnu, the Hindu God that gave existence to Brahma.

Sanskrit tattoo designs for the lower back are normally different images of the lotus flower. Lotus flower tattoos are depicted in colorful inks, but most tattoos were made in blue, red and orange hues.

This tattoo design can also be seen together with the Om symbol. The Om symbol is an extremely important symbol of Hindu and Buddhist practitioners.

It is well known for its use as a mantra during meditation. The ohm symbol in conjunction with the lotus flower is commonly seen in Buddhism.