Did you know that there are keyword phrases, that advertisers using Google Adwords, pay up to fifty dollars per click? Did you also know that there are THOUSANDS of webmasters optimizing their website content to adjust for these (and other) high-paying keyword phrases? Did you know that these webmasters earn hundreds, if not thousands of dollars a day by doing this?

So how do these webmasters find these top-paying keyword phrases? Research. Tools. Web Searching. You have to do your homework on your targeted keyword phrases to increase the potential you may earn with AdSense or virtually any contextual ads. But isn’t it worth spending a bit of time to find a keyword phrase that pays more than another? It won’t hurt your reader’s enthusiasm about your work since you’re still giving them valuable information. All your doing is optimizing your keyword phrases to ensure that you can earn and continue doing what you love.

For Example:

If Keyword Phrase A pays you 8 cents per click and Keyword Phrase B pays you 75 cents per click and you receive one hundred clicks per day…***Doing the Math***; Keyword Phrase A would bring you 8 dollars at the end of the day and Keyword Phrase B would bring you 75 dollars. Which do you prefer? Wasn’t it worth the hour or so to do the research for Keyword Phrase B?

There exist many programs that help you do your research for your keyword phrases in much less time. These tools (a.k.a Keyword Phrase programs, scripts, software, lists, databases) all help you find what you need faster. Many companies create similar keyword phrase tools such as Wordtracker, Keyword Elite, SpyFu – just to name a few. These tools help not only to create top paying keyword phrase lists – that you can later create content revolving around – but they also help you understand who your competitors are, how much they’re paying for their Adwords advertising, how much people search for that, and other, keyword phrase, how many clicks a user receives for that ad and for that keyword phrase. Some tools even give you trends in advertisers’ spending, and much much more.

I have tried, tested, analyzed over a hundred different keyword phrase tools. I have spent over 5000 dollars on these programs over the last few years. Some of these keyword phrase tools have paid themselves off, others haven’t, but only one has made me over 1, 000 times what I have invested with them: SpyFu.

Out of over one hundred paid and free keyword phrase tools, SpyFu remains the leader not only Return On Investment wise but also in the information provided. Their keyword phrase tool in itself is worth much much more than they charge for. I know because I’ve already used a program that cost twice as much but offered one-tenth of the information. We won’t name names but I can tell you that that keyword phrase tool is in the “no-no” category. Suffice it to say SpyFu is the best keyword phrase research tool, hands down. It’s the only keyword phrase tool I use now.

Back on track…

How do I use one of these keyword phrase tools to my advantage?

Using most keyword phrase tools is a snap (some keyword phrase tools, however, are more daunting to use, requiring many steps to achieve your results – try and stay away from those; it’s a waste of site promotion, content writing, and more top-paying keyword phrase list searching and creating time), you simply enter your keyword phrases, like “Keyword” in the search box and the program does the rest.

  • Information returned for the “Keyword” search query using SpyFu. (To give you an example of the data you can receive when using one of the keyword phrase tools):
  • Cost/Click: $0.49 – $1.39 – Tells you the minimum advertisers are bidding for that Keyword Phrase (in our case “Keyword”)
  • Click/Day: 69.5 – 88 – Approximate amount of clicks that advertisers receive for that keyword phrase per day.
  • Cost/Day: $34.22 – $130 – Cost per day for that keyword phrase alone.
  • Advertisers: 5 – Amount of advertisers advertising for that keyword phrase through AdWords.
  • Search Results: 656,000,000 – The amount of Google Results for that “Keyword” as a search query.

And these are just to name a few. There’s also an “Ads” section, giving you other advertisers’ ad copy on that particular keyword. You can also get spending trends, percent decrease/increase in spending, cost/click, etc. There is so much information contained in this keyword phrase tool it’s unbelievable. The best part is you can get all the information I mentioned here for FREE. Of course, once you start using this keyword phrase tool you’ll want to upgrade to ensure you get ALL the info on your keyword phrases.

So how do you use that information?

It’s totally up to you. You’ll develop your own strategy on how to use your keyword phrases all your own. This information only helps point you in the right direction. Using “Cost/Click”: this you know is the minimum to your maximum of what you can earn through AdSense using the keyword phrase “keyword”. If you optimize your content/article using “Keyword” (try to keep a 5% density with sounding like your repeating it just to produce results).

Search results: for the keyword phrase “keyword”, in my opinion, I wouldn’t use it since there are too many search results, to list naturally in search engine rankings it would be quite difficult to raise yourself against 656 million other websites, no? So what do you do?

Go back to the search listing for the keyword phrase “Keyword”, on SpyFu and look at the right-hand side under “Competitors Also Bought”. This will give you a heads up of related keyword phrases for “Keyword”. I selected and clicked on “keyword software”. This one seems more appealing, in that the search results are only 7.7 million compared to 656 million for “keyword”. And the CPC (Cost/Click) is still about the same amount of $0.51-$1.49. So the keyword phrase “keyword software” would be a better candidate for my content optimization.

Once you’ve created your list of targeted, top-paying keyword phrases, you’re ready to write and promote and EARN. There are billions of billions of keyword phrase variations so there is more than enough for everyone. All you really need is one to start and from there, the sky’s the limit. With the right tools, you can build anything.