There certainly are lots of paid freelance writing jobs readily available for freelance authors only at that age. However, very few people understand how to locate well having paid freelance writing jobs online. It’s one factor to understand how to write but another altogether to locate writing jobs. In the quest for well-having to pay writing jobs, many authors don’t know where to start. There’s enough detailed information online but none of them appears to provide exact solutions as to the many authors are searching for. First, the greatest concerns have to do with the authenticity of the writing jobs and on the other hand, on the caliber of pay preferred.

It may be discouraging on occasions particularly when all of the possibilities you receive come from people prepared to pay peanuts for a lot of hrs of labor. Perhaps, they are what most authors have a tendency to find online. However, that doesn’t mean there are no better-having to pay writing jobs. You will find paid freelance writing jobs platforms that get you offers that are worth your time and effort. Most significantly, you will see jobs suited to your talent. Regardless if you are an innovative author, a blogger, or a content developer, these websites are prepared to enable you to get good offers that are rewarding. This is a listing of 10 online gold mines for securing compensated writing jobs?

Paid freelance writing jobs

LinkedIn Jobs

Registered as a member in LinkedIn and make an attractive profile for any freelance author. Get began by networking with other people within the writing world. You’ll find LinkedIn a great resource for your job search and particularly for well-having to pay gigs on paper and editing. There’s a means LinkedIn provides you with suggestions of individuals inside a similar field which way, it might be a great deal simpler than you should connect with other people who you can get well-having to pay writing possibilities. Achieve to individuals who view your profile and become familiar with how you may be of assistance to them.

Journalism Jobs

As suggested by its name, this can be a real thing for individuals within the journalism world. However, it is also an ideal choice for individuals ambitious enough to interrupt the limitations and discover a writing gig. Many people are going to be searching for writing my paper services to assist them in some manner although some are going to be searching for ad copywriting and editing help. You don’t need to be an independent journalist to complete these as lengthy as you have the abilities required for all these assignments.

BloggingPro Job Board

This website is perfectly suited to copywriters who are able to look for jobs by category. It’s a dream place to go for bloggers in various niches. Authors could possibly get great offers from anything about the property to physical fitness among other niches. You will see lots of people searching for assistance with their writing needs and when you really have mastered your skill, you’re going to get good rewards for this. There’s no limit to your skill because employers are going to be searching for competent authors as if you.

Be a Freelance Blogger Job Board

A writing community by Sophie Lizard, an independent blogger supplying clients and authors a platform to talk about scoops on writing jobs. Every writing chance is needed to pay for a minimum of $50 or no less than 10cents for each word. Authors can, therefore, expect writing jobs not less than 500 words which will cost the customer $50.


In the freelance portion of MediaBistro, there are lots of well-having to pay possibilities for individuals with interests in marketing, book publishing, TV production, and so forth. Ideally, there’s a minimum of something for freelance authors searching for excellent gigs.

The Ultimate List of Better-Paid Blogging Gigs

This is an additional resource published by Sophie Lizard, which is essentially an e-book with 45 blogs that may pay authors a minimum of $50 for each written publication. It’s split into various sections for example food blogs and blogging amongst others. Here, authors may also find tips about how to engage these blogs and how they may prove after they obtain a publish.

ProBlogger Job Board

Bloggers are able of having well-having to pay jobs on this platform. Any job right here is sourced from a serious employer who values writers? jobs. They are fully aware of what they’re searching for and are prepared to search hard to their pockets to cover it. This website has a Hollywood within the Dunia ngeblog and for that reason, you are able to from time to time find jobs published by great blogs.

Freelance Writing

This website puts together various writing possibilities from websites these as Craigslist and even. You will find jobs from both unskilled and experienced authors searching for freelance editing jobs and writing possibilities too. You are able to exclude jobs from the specific source that you simply don’t desire to use. This you can get a simple time when searching for writing possibilities that appeal to you.


This is an additional great platform for telecommuting. Freelance authors can create customized job search profiles to complement their demands. You are able to select your preferred groups underneath the “writing” section. The customized search may also include the amount of experience, preferred time-table, plus much more details while you would deem fit to obtain the ideal job. You may also sign up for notifications for brand new jobs published that suit your description.